Your question: Is NBA 2K21 on switch good?

NBA 2K21 is the best sports game on the Nintendo Switch to date. Hands down. There isn’t another sport that is better represented and, if it wasn’t for the yearly support by 2K Games, this could well have been heralded the best we would see in the Switch’s lifetime.

Is NBA 2K21 good on switch Reddit?

It’s definitely the best sports game on switch. Best graphics, best optimization. I play strictly handheld and it’s a joy to play. It’s simply superb!

Does NBA 2K21 have my career on switch?

This year, MyCAREER takes MyPLAYERs back to high school, through one of ten officially licensed colleges, and on to NBA stardom. … To learn more or purchase, visit

Does NBA 2K21 work on switch Lite?

As with any NBA 2K game in recent memory, NBA 2K21 looks undeniably good — even on the Switch Lite, despite its limited hardware. … NBA 2K21 is easily one of the best-looking games we’ve played on the Switch so far.

How is nba2k on switch?

Overall, NBA 2K20 on Switch is a very fine game that ranks alongside versions available on other platforms. … Considering the Switch version is very much on par with the other versions of the game in terms of content and feature parity, it’s an understandable and arguably fair concession.

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Why is 2K21 not working on switch?

A common reason is that you don’t have the latest data downloaded. It can also be due to exceeding the amount of allowed NBA 2K accounts on your console. The max is five, and if you’ve created more than that a security protocol kicks in.

Is 2K21 going to be cross platform?

In short, NBA 2K21 is not cross-platform. This means that if you want to play against someone who has a different platform from your own, you can’t play with them.

What is new in NBA 2K21?

NBA 2K21 Features

40 new Jump Shot Landings. Overhauled dribble moves. 50 new Size-Ups. No more Quick Draw badge.

Can you play NBA 2K21 offline?

This is the ultimate single player fantasy game mode for NBA 2K21. … Once you’ve assembled a half decent team, you can play 3v3 or 5v5 offline against the AI or online against another player to gain MT, XP and rewards, helping you grow your card collection and stay competitive.

How many GB is NBA 2K21 on Nintendo Switch?

How big are Nintendo Switch games? Third-Party games are often the biggest in terms of how much room they take up. NBA 2K21 weighing in at 40.9 GB. It is so big that you are required to have a MicroSD card for extra storage to even play the game.

Is NBA 2K20 worth it on Switch?

Crucially, NBA 2K20 on Switch plays a brilliant game of basketball. … It’s a game that asks a lot of you, particularly in terms of playing and thinking like an actual NBA player, but it’s amongst the most rewarding sports game experiences out there.

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Is nba2k20 worth it on Switch?

DO NOT BUY unless you’re only interested in MyGm or MyLeague on the go as those modes are the ONLY reason worth buying the Switch version. MyTeam/MyCareer is POINTLESS as the FPS is terrible and only works when you’re online.

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