Your question: How much force does it take to crush a basketball?

A basketball is 9.23” in diameter, which means the surface area is 4*pi*(9.23/2)^2 = 267.64 square inches. A ball is inflated to about 8 PSI, so it would take 2141 pounds of force to crush a ball.

How much pressure does it take to crush a basketball?

NBA rules dictate that basketballs should be inflated to between 7.5 and 8.5 pounds per square inch. If the basketball is inflated below this level, it won’t bounce correctly. If it is inflated above this level, the basketball could be damaged or burst.

Can a human pop a basketball?

No height on Earth. A basketball can withstand a speed greater than its terminal velocity. Terminal velocity is the speed at which deceleration from friction equals acceleration from gravity. As basketballs comprise a tough outer layer filled with air, their momentum will be insufficient to cause the skin to rupture.

How much weight does it take to pop a basketball?

How much weight does it take to pop a basketball? A fully inflated men’s 29.5 inch basketball weights 22 ounces or about 1.375 pounds. A fully inflated woman’s 29.5 inch basketball weights 22 ounces or about 1.375 pounds.

Can a basketball be too bouncy?

Hold the ball up to your face and slowly let it drop. If the bottom of the ball bounces up past your waist or slightly higher, then it is fully pumped. If the basketball bounces up close to the chest, it means it has too much air. If it does not bounce up to the waist, it means there is not enough air.

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Can you crush an unopened can?

Yes it does rupture.

How high can you drop a basketball?

According to international basketball rules, a basketball is properly inflated “such that when it is dropped onto the playing surface from a height of about 1.80 m measured from the bottom of the ball, it will rebound to a height, measured to the top of the ball, of not less than about 1.2 m nor more than about 1.4 m”

How much air should be filled in a basketball?

The amount of air is measured in pounds per square inch, which may be abbreviated as “lbs/in²” or simply “psi.” Your basketball will likely direct you to inflate the ball somewhere between 7 to 9 pounds per square inch.

Who invented the basketball?

Will more air inside a basketball make it bounce higher?

With more air in the ball, the air starts at higher pressure and pushes back that much harder when the ball is bounced. So that short answer is that more inflated basketballs bounce better because they have more air pressure inside them. … Then use the pump to put a bit of air into the ball.

Why do basketballs lose air?

Basketballs tend to lose a little air when left unused and through normal use over time. In order to bounce properly, basketballs need the right amount of air pressure. … When a ball is manufactured and inflated, it is drop-tested to determine its ideal air pressure which is then printed on the ball near the hole.

Why would a basketball explode?

A Basketball Can Explode If It Gets Too Cold

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This is because of how gas molecules react in the cold. When a basketball is left out in the cold, gas molecules contract and, as such, will have less energy and move more slowly. This leads to the basketball having lower air pressure, which leads to the ball bouncing lower.

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