Your question: Can you use a controller on NBA 2K21 arcade?

Feel more immersed in the game with tight controls, slick camera angles, and realistic player attributes across ball-handling, speed, shooting, and defense, all while experiencing even more control with an Xbox or PS DualShock controller that can be used with any Apple device.

Can I play 2K21 with PS4 controller?

You need to enable Steam’s PS4 controller support for it to work properly with NBA 2K21. … -Click controller > general controller settings: -Then enable Playstation Configuration Support: -And you should be good to go.

Why isn’t my controller working on 2K21?

This usually happens when you plug in your controller after launching NBA 2K, and restarting the game should be enough to let the game detect your controller. If your controller doesn’t seem to work with NBA 2K, try out different games with controller support to see it makes any difference.

Do you need a controller to play NBA 2K21?

We have detected that you don’t have a Dual Analog controller connected. Continuing to play without one will result in a less than optimal gaming experience.

Do you need a controller for 2K21?

you need a controller, and pc is unplayable at times bc modders are everywhere. unless you soley play career mode, online is just not the same experience on pc.

Is NBA 2K an EA?

NBA 2K is a series of basketball sports simulation video games developed and released annually since 1999. … Their primary rival was NBA Live by EA Sports until that series ended in 2018.

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