You asked: Why was NBA 2K18 so bad?

The MyPark game mode had servers filled with lag and latency issues, and other general glitches despite the feature being in the series since 2K13. The series is starting to stagnate due to being the main go-to game for basketball gameplay, with repeated animations and few new features being added.

Why was 2K18 so bad?

The reason that 2K18 is so bad is because they just became focused on generating as many ad dollars as possible which was to the extreme detriment of the game. I wrote out a defense for 2k and then immediately deleted it to write this because the list of things was larger than I thought.

Is NBA 2K20 better than 2K18?

There isn’t much difference between them, except the lightining and maybe the way the players sweat in NBA2K20. Nba 2k20 might have improved in that aspect, but it is not a better game than 2K19 and 2K18.

Why did 2K shut down 2K18 servers?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who plays the NBA 2K series, as servers are periodically shut down to make way for new games to take over. This is usually the first sign that the next entry in the series is being tested for online capabilities, so get ready for all the NBA 2K21 rumors to start flying.

Who made 2K19?

Are 2K19 servers shutting down?

Hi everyone. As you may have seen on our 2K Support Twitter page, NBA 2K19’s servers will be discontinued as of December 31, 2020. Players will no longer be able to play ranked or online league games.

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Are the WWE 2K18 servers still up?

On May 31, 2019, 2K will shut down the servers for WWE 2K18. This was noted in the WWE 2K18 manual. So what does that mean if you own the game? You can still experience all of the offline features, but online play will cease to function.

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