You asked: Where did NBA Youngboy get his chain from?

Youngboy told fans during a rant onstage that a thief stole the chain from a member of his entourage. “Hey listen to what I’m finna say,” Youngboy said. “You see that chain you just took out my partner neck. That chain you took off my partner neck, that ain’t his chain.

Who made NBA YoungBoy chain?

A few days ago, NBA YoungBoy showed off a new chain, which is an image of Young Thug wearing glasses and smoking a blunt. The piece was made by Shyne Jewelers, and it’s covered in gold and different colored diamonds.

What does YPC mean YoungBoy chain?

YPC — Yards Per Carry.

What does YPC mean in slang?

Definition. YPC. Young People’s Chorus (various locations) YPC.

How much does a real diamond chain cost?

To sum up, the cost of a diamond necklace can range quite a bit and depends on your personal budget. But generally speaking, a quality yet affordable necklace will cost somewhere between $1,000 and $6,000.

How much is Youngboy 2021 worth?

So, what is NBA Youngboy’s net worth in 2021? According to Celebrity Net Worth, the rapper is worth $6 million thanks to his successful career. Aside from his successful albums and mixtapes as mentioned above, the musician also has success with his music videos.

What does YBC mean?


Acronym Definition
YBC Yesterday’s Business Computers (New Jersey)
YBC Yellowstone Baptist College (Billings, Montana)
YBC Yamate Baptist Church of Yokohama (Yokoyhama, Japan)
YBC Young Bowlers Club
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Playing basketball