You asked: How do you stop your fingers from jamming in basketball?

Buddy tape the injured finer to an adjacent finger use a self-adhesive wrap to tape above and below the finer joint – for example, index finger to middle finger or ring finger to small finger.

How do you tape your fingers for basketball?

To buddy tape a finger or toe:

  1. If you have broken skin, clean the affected area using alcohol or antiseptic wipes.
  2. Dry your skin thoroughly and place the padding between your fingers or toes.
  3. Starting at the base, wrap the tape around the digits.
  4. Wrap the tape around two to three times.

How can I quickly Unjam my fingers?

Apply ice for 15 minutes each hour to bring down the swelling. If you don’t have ice, you can soak the finger in cold water instead. Keep your finger elevated above chest level. Take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) to ease any discomfort.

How do you prevent finger injuries in sports?

Prevention Tips to Help Reduce Your Risk of Injury

Refrain from playing through pain. Ask your athletic trainer or doctor about taping or bracing mildly injured fingers during games and practice. This may help to reduce more serious damage. Avoid wearing jewelry, such as bracelets and rings, while participating.

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Should a finger splint be straight or bent?

Your splint should be snug enough to hold your finger in a straight position so that it does not droop. But it should not be so tight that it cuts off blood flow. You should keep your splint on unless your doctor tells you that you can take it off.

Should you play basketball with a jammed finger?

Many finger injuries are minor, but painful. If the swelling is minimal and the finger can fully flex and extend, return to basketball may not take long. However, if there is significant swelling, especially with difficulty bending or straightening the joint, evaluation by a pediatric orthopedic surgeon is recommended.

Can you still play sports with a jammed finger?

Fortunately, most finger injuries are reasonably mild and will allow for a quick return to sport. A “jammed finger” is a sprain of the soft tissue structures surrounding a joint.

Is buddy taping good?

Background: Buddy taping is a well known and useful method for treating sprains, dislocations, and other injuries of the fingers or toes. However, the authors have often seen complications associated with buddy taping such as necrosis of the skin, infections, loss of fixation, and limited joint motion.

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