Why is NBA 2K21 not working?

Is the 2K21 server down?

NBA 2K21 server status is currently showing down for many PS4 and Xbox One players. Because of this, players are unable to access NBA 2K21 MYTEAM, MYCAREER, MYLEAGUE, and more. … If you are facing some other issues related to NBA 2k21, we recommend that you check for and install any available console updates.

Why is my 2K21 not working?

If you’re trying to play NBA 2K21 but are receiving a message with the error codes “EFEAB30C” or “4B538E50”, a common reason for seeing these errors is because you don’t have the latest data downloaded. … If that’s the case, you’ll have to wait for the data to download to your console or PC.

Why is my NBA 2K21 my career not working?

The 726E613D error is a temporary restriction in the game that prevents players from accessing NBA 2K21 MyCareer Mode. This is usually triggered when the 2K Sports system detects that an account has created a certain number of MyCareer characters in a short amount of time.

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Why is start today unavailable NBA 2K21?

According to 2K since the game was completed prior to the NBA finalizing the schedule for the current season, there was no way to have it ready for launch since the entire feature is connected to the real NBA ledger.

What is error code 4B538E50 2K21?

Normally, NBA 2K21 error code 4B538E50 or EFEAB30C pops up when you try and start the game without downloading all the necessary data. This can happen if you start it while some data is still downloading or if you’ve not yet downloaded the latest update.

How do you fix error code 4B538E50 on NBA 2K21?

6 Methods To Fix NBA 2K error code 4B538E50

  1. Make sure you have the latest data downloaded. …
  2. Resend account email confirmation. …
  3. Check the number of NBA 2K accounts registered on your console. …
  4. Software blocking your connection to the server. …
  5. Check the reserved space on your hard drive. …
  6. Your data could be out of sync.

How do I fix NBA 2K21 not opening?

Fix 1: Verify the integrity of game files

  • Open your Steam client. Navigate to the LIBRARY tab. …
  • In the pop-up window, navigate to the LOCAL FILES tab and select VERIFY INTEGRITY OF GAME FILES…. Then wait for the checking to complete.
  • Launch NBA 2K21 and check if it crashes again.

How do I fix NBA 2K21 not responding?

How to fix NBA 2K21 crashing issue?

  • Update the game. …
  • Check for GPU drivers and other software updates. …
  • Restart the NBA 2K21 game. …
  • Close other applications running in the background. …
  • Uninstall programs. …
  • Verify NBA 2K21 game files. …
  • Repair game files using Windows 10. …
  • Reinstall NBA 2K21.
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How do I fix error code 2fd7b735 2K21?

The NBA 2K21 error code 2fd7b735 occurs due to a network connection problem.

Other Solutions to Fix NBA 2K21 Error Code 2fd7b735

  1. Ensure that your console software is up-to-date.
  2. Ensure that the game is updated.
  3. Try disabling the Windows Firewall or antivirus software before playing the game.
  4. Reset the router/modem.

Can you play NBA 2K21 My Career offline?


This offline story mode is single player and gives you the experience of an NBA career. … Players need to go through MyCareer in order to unlock the other MyPlayer game modes like Park, ProAm and AnteUp.

Why does my 2K21 keep freezing?

NBA 2k21 is crashing because of PS4/PS5 error ce-34878-0. You can fix NBA 2k21 error ce-34878-0 issue by changing the PS4/PS5 Video Output Settings to 1080p. You can also disable Supersampling Mode in the Video Output Settings. This will also improve the game performance.

How do you start a new career in NBA 2K21?

All you need to do is open up the main menu on the starting screen and then scroll down to the MyCareer option. This will boot up the Mode, allowing you to create a fresh new character of your own making and design or import any characters you may have made during the demo.

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