Why do basketball players put backspin on the ball?

In basketball, a ball shot with backspin tends to be a softer shot with a higher arc. The friction between the air and the ball reduces the ball’s velocity and the equal and opposite reaction of the Magnus Effect pushes the ball higher into the air.

When passing a basketball backspin is it good?

The ball should bounce about 2/3 of the way to the receiver. You should follow through as in chest pass with your thumbs down. The backspin that this creates slows the ball down when it hits the ground and makes it easier to catch.

Why does the ball not spin when I shoot?

If the ball is dead in the air (no spin) or if there’s side spin, you will know the player is doing something “extra” in the Release. The most effective spin is medium backspin … not too slow, not overly fast, just in the middle. … You’ll find some players doing all of the above and shooting quite well.

Should I spin the ball when I shoot?

Spin is definitely preferred, it will help make sure you get the bounce you want. However, what I recently started doing with no spin that works well is palming the ball when posting up (I’m a guard mind you) and using a hook/floater in which I just place the ball without any spin.

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Why is my basketball shot flat?

“Flat shot” – with a low arc. The shot has a lower probability of going in and if it hits the ring is likely to bounce away, rather than bounce up and potentially still go in. Low release point (elbow below eye).

When shooting the basketball the ball should be placed on your finger tips?

Spread your fingers far enough apart to comfortably balance the ball in one hand. The ball should sit on your finger pads.

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