Why did Kobe Bryant play basketball?

On April 29, 1996, Bryant announced he would skip college and go straight to the NBA to pursue his goal of becoming the best basketball player. It was a rare move for the time with Bryant being only the sixth player to make the leap from high school to the big league.

What made Kobe Bryant want to play basketball?

Kobe Bryant entered the league straight out of high school as a teenager, and he was destined for greatness. He knew that he wanted to be one of the best players ever to play the game, and he knew that he would have to work hard to achieve that. Bryant struggled early on in his career, and he had to make a decision.

Why Kobe Bryant became famous in basketball?

Kobe Bryant is famous for being one of the best basketball players in the history of the NBA. He played guard for the Los Angeles Lakers for 20 years. He was known for his tough defense, vertical leap, and ability to score winning baskets at the end of the game.

Who was Kobe Bryant’s wife?

Was Kobe Bryant rich growing up?

“Well, that’s just the average NBA player.” But growing up in tough circumstances isn’t even the typical NBA legend’s story. It wasn’t, for example, Michael Jordan’s experience, or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s or Magic Johnson’s. Granted, none of them grew up wealthy. … He was born to an NBA player, Joe “Jellybean” Bryant.

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Where did Kobe Bryant died?

How did Kobe become a Laker?

1996 NBA DRAFT. Bryant fell to the 13th overall pick, where the Charlotte Hornets drafted him before dealing him to the Lakers in exchange for center Vlade Divac, a move that is now considered a stroke of genius by former Lakers general manager Jerry West.

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