Why basketball shoes are high tops?

Why are high-tops used for basketball?

Unlike a traditional running shoe, high-tops have extra support around the ankle. The rear of the shoe extends up above the ankle bone, with the extra lacing helping to keep the ankle joint stable. Basketball requires almost constant running and jumping.

Are high-tops or low tops better for basketball?

As foot and ankle injuries are the most common injuries in basketball (source), it seemed logical that the high-tops provide better ankle support and overall safety of the player’s feet.

RunRepeat data.

Aspect High-top shoes Low-top shoes
Overall score 87.1 86.7

What is the difference between high-tops and basketball shoes?


The the major difference between to two types of shoes is, obviously, the ankle collar height. Then high tops are usually a bit more heavier. And the most important one is high tops are made more for big men, where as low tops are more guard oriented shoes.

Can you run in high-top converse?

Can you run in Converse shoes? Technically, you can run in Converse shoes. You can even run barefoot if you want. However, running or jogging in Converse shoes can hurt your feet because they are very flat shoes and offer minimal arch support or cushioning.

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Do high tops make you taller?

Unlike high heels which add height while elongating the legs, high tops usually have the reverse effect. No, they won’t actually make you shorter, but they can make your legs appear shorter — an optical illusion from which most women want to steer clear.

What is the point of high tops?

High top sneakers are thought to give a lot more ankle support because they are laced up above the “ankle” bones. The foot and ankle complex functions together as a unit to move and support the body, and it has to be able to perform motions and movements in all directions and at all speeds.

Do high tops help ankles?

So, yes, high-tops and braces can help support your ankles, but, “the best prevention for an inversion injury is having strong muscles on the outside of the foot (evertors), and wearing high-top shoes can cause these muscles to activate later and be less effective,” Dr. Miniaci-Coxhead says.

What type of shoes are good for basketball?

Ranking of the 10 best basketball shoes

  • #1. Adidas Crazy Explosive Primeknit. 7 colors. Superb! …
  • #2. Air Jordan XXXII. 6 colors. Superb! …
  • #3. Adidas Harden Vol 3. 8 colors. …
  • #4. Nike Kobe A.D. NXT. 6 colors. …
  • #5. Adidas Harden Vol. 7 colors. …
  • #6. Nike Zoom Kobe 1 Protro. 2 colors. …
  • #7. Nike Cosmic Unity. 6 colors. …
  • #8. Puma Clyde Hardwood. 3 colors.
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