Who was the Number 1 pick in the 1978 NBA draft?

Mychal Thompson was selected 1st overall by the Portland Trail Blazers. Larry Bird was selected 6th overall by the Boston Celtics. Jack Givens (left) was selected 16th overall by the Atlanta Hawks. Maurice Cheeks (right) was selected 36th overall by the Philadelphia 76ers.

Who was in the 1978 draft class?

1978 NBA Draft History – Round 1

  • Draft#:1. Mychal Thompson. Drafted From:Minnesota.
  • Phil Ford.
  • Rick Robey. Drafted From:Kentucky.
  • Michael Ray Richardson. Drafted From:Montana.
  • Purvis Short. Drafted From:Jackson State.
  • Larry Bird. Drafted From:Indiana State.
  • Ron Brewer. Drafted From:Arkansas.
  • Draft#:8. Freeman Williams.

Who came first Magic Johnson or Larry Bird?

Magic Johnson was selected 1st overall by the Los Angeles Lakers. Bill Cartwright was selected 3rd overall by the New York Knicks. Sidney Moncrief was selected 5th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks.


Round 1
Pick 9
Player Larry Demic
Pos. F/C
School/club team Arizona (Sr.)

Which NBA player was born in France?

28 Players

Rk Player Date
1 Tariq Abdul-Wahad Nov 3, 1974
2 Alexis Ajinça May 6, 1988
3 Nicolas Batum Dec 14, 1988

Who was drafted in 1976?

Robert Parish was selected eighth overall by the Golden State Warriors. Alex English (left) was selected 23rd overall by the Milwaukee Bucks. Dennis Johnson was selected 29th overall by the Seattle SuperSonics.


Round 1
Pick 14
Player Larry Wright
Pos. G
School/club team Grambling State (Jr.)
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