Who made basketball reference?

Sean Lahman donated much of the data used to create this site. While I have made many additions and modifications to Sean’s data, he saved a significant amount of time. Chip Hart provided constructive comments on the site’s design prior to its release.

Is basketball reference a credible source?

Basketball-Reference.com is the first site I go to for player stats. It’s thorough and accurate, and I like the variety of information it provides.” … “Basketball-Reference.com is an amazing resource for any kind of NBA statistical analysis, particularly with career long looks, or historical evaluations.

How do you reference a basketball reference?

This template requires 3 parameters:

  1. |id= , the identifier after “players/” and before “. html” in the url to the statistics page.
  2. |name= , the name of the player on the title of the references basketball-reference.com page.
  3. |access-date= , the date the page was accessed.

Where does basketball reference get their stats?

Sports Reference Blog

Perhaps you’ve already noticed this, but beginning with the 2018-19 season Basketball Reference’s current-season data is official NBA data as provided by SportRadar, which is the official statistics provider of the NBA.

Who made sports reference?

What does TBH mean on basketball reference?

TOT means “Two Other Teams” meaning that player played for two (or more) teams that season.

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Who will be a free agent in NBA?


  • Bruce Brown (restricted)
  • Chris Chiozza.
  • Spencer Dinwiddie.
  • Jeff Green.
  • Blake Griffin.
  • Mike James.
  • Tyler Johnson.
  • Timothe Luwawu-Cabarrot.

What is DD2 NBA?

Statisticians abbreviate a double-double as “DD2” in a basketball box score. Field goal percentage: A field goal refers to any two-point or three-point shot. … A player or team’s free throw percentage consists of the total number of free throws made (FTM) divided by the total number of free throw attempts (FTA).

Are sports references reliable?

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