Who is bronny James favorite NBA player?

James has worn the number 0 jersey as inspiration from his favorite NBA player, Russell Westbrook.

Who is LeBron’s favorite player?

LBJ recently sat down with Chris Broussard for an ESPN The Magazine piece where LeBron calls Jordan his favorite player growing up. Nothing all that revelatory there. But what stood out to us in Philadelphia was the somewhat surprising discovery that LeBron looked up to none other than Sixers’ great Allen Iverson.

Who is the smoothest NBA player?

2. Julius Erving. Erving was one of the smoothest and most stylish players the NBA has ever seen.

What did Gilbert Arenas say about bronny James?

Gilbert Arenas’ Big Prediction For Bronny James: “His Ranking Is Going To Go From Wherever It Is, To 1, 2.” When you have LeBron James’ last name and gene pool, you’re going to draw a lot of attention wherever you go.

What was LeBron’s favorite team growing up?

As a kid growing up, I needed inspiration to get out of the situation I was in. I loved the Bulls, Cowboys and loved the Yankees. Those are winning franchises. I liked them because they gave me hope of being a winner.

Is LeBron James the 2nd best player of all time?

ESPN Voted LeBron James As The 2nd Greatest Player Of All Time: 2nd Greatest: 43.9%, Top Five: 34.1%

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Who is the best players in Class of 2023?

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