Who invented zone defense in basketball?

basketball. … strictly a man-to-man defense, the zone defense, developed by Cam Henderson of Marshall University in West Virginia, later became an integral part of the game (see below Play of the game). Another major strategy is the zone, or five-man, defense.

Who invented 2 3 zone?

The 2–3 zone defense is a defensive strategy used in basketball as an alternative to man-to-man defense.

2–3 zone Defense
Other common names: 2–1–2 zone
Play Development Credit
Designed 1st by: Coach Cam Henderson
Year play 1st used: 1914

Is the zone real?

For NBA players in the midst of a scorching streak or red-hot single-game performance, being in “the zone” is a very real thing. And it’s been impossible to ignore Durant’s nearly month-long string of games with at least 30 points. …

What are the 3 keys to a zone defense?

Forcing looping passes comes down to ball pressure, defensive positioning, active hands, and rotations. All are important when it comes to forcing the offense to throw a pass over the top of a zone in basketball rather than through it on a straight line.

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