Who in the NBA went to Syracuse?

How many NBA players went to Syracuse?

Syracuse University NBA Players. 56 different Syracuse Orangemen have played in the NBA. Dave Bing was inducted into the NBA Hall of Fame. 68 Syracuse players have been drafted by the NBA, 24 in the first round.

Who was on the 2003 Syracuse basketball team?

The team had just one senior, guard Kueth Duany. He was joined in the starting lineup by forwards Hakim Warrick (sophomore), Carmelo Anthony (freshman), center Craig Forth (sophomore), and guard Gerry McNamara (freshman).

Who skipped college and went to the NBA?

Jumping to the NBA. For some time in the NBA’s early stages, a player had to finish a four-year college to enter the draft and join one of the NBA franchises. It wasn’t until Reggie Harding in 1962 that a player skipped college and went straight from high school into the world’s toughest basketball league.

Why did Syracuse basketball get in trouble?

On November 17, 2014, the newspaper reported that the NCAA was investigating possible improper benefits offered by the YMCA of Oneida, New York to Syracuse student-athletes, including falsified internship hours for credit in the child and family services major.

Who won the NCAA basketball championship in 2003?

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