Who has the least amount of fouls in the NBA?

Kobe Bryant, in full Kobe Bean Bryant, (born August 23, 1978, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.—died January 26, 2020, Calabasas, California), American professional basketball player, who helped lead the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) to five championships (2000–02 and 2009–10).

Who has the least fouls in the NBA?

25 players are tied for the fewest career personal foul per minute played, with 0. The first three are Greg Whittington, Grant Riller and Ashton Hagans.

Who has the most dunks in NBA history?

NBA Most Career Slam Dunks

Dunks Height Player
2910 6’11” Dwight Howard
2626 7’1″ Shaquille O’Neal
2237 6’11” DeAndre Jordan
1948 6’8″ LeBron James

Which NBA player gets their shot blocked the most?

Zion is among the most-blocked NBA players

Shots blocked
1 Shareef Abdur-Rahim 182
2 Shareef Abdur-Rahim 106
3 Zion Williamson 104

What NBA team shoots the most free throws?

NBA Team Free Throws Attempted per Game

Rank Team 2019
1 Washington 24.6
2 New Orleans 23.4
3 Philadelphia 22.9
4 Atlanta 23.4

Which team gets fouled the most?

NBA Team Personal Fouls per Game

Rank Team 2019
1 Orlando 18.5
2 Milwaukee 19.9
3 Charlotte 18.8
4 New Orleans 21.2
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