Who got 13 rings in the NBA?

Player Bill Russell*
Position C
Seasons Played 13
Won 11
Percentage 85%

Who has 16 rings in the NBA?

Red Auerbach – 16 rings

The Boston Celtics are the most decorated NBA franchise with 17 championships and Red Auerbach was a part of 16 of them.

Who has the most 10 NBA rings?

Top 10 NBA players with the most number of championship rings (updated as per 2021)

  • #T-10 Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls [Source: People Magazine] …
  • #9 Bob Cousy. …
  • #8 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. …
  • #T-7 Jim Loscutoff and Frank Ramsey.

Who has more rings than Jordan?

Two other Celtics, Jim Loscutoff and Frank Ramsey, won seven championships each. Robert Horry also won seven championships (with three teams). Four players, Bob Cousy, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen, won six championships each.

How much did the Lakers championship ring cost?

The most recent NBA champions, the Lakers, made a ring that remembered legends of the franchise, especially the late Kobe Bryant. Designed by the famous jeweller Jason Arasheben, it was the costliest in the history of the NBA – outstripping the Raptors’ $150,000 – and included 804 gems on each piece.

Who won the most NBA titles?

What NBA player has won the most championships with different teams?

LeBron James, Danny Green, Robert Horry and John Salley are the only players who won championships with 3 different teams.

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