Who are the 3 holiday brothers in the NBA?

Any slate of NBA games has Shawn and Toya Holiday searching for the Indiana Pacers and Milwaukee Bucks. Their oldest and youngest sons, Justin and Aaron, play for the Pacers. Jrue, their middle son, is in his first season with the Bucks.

Can brothers play on the same NBA team?

The first-ever brother trio to play in the same NBA game were Jrue (Milwaukee Bucks), Justin (Indiana Pacers) and Aaron Holiday (Indiana Pacers) in 2019.

Are Jrue and Justin Holiday Twins?

On March 26, he underwent season-ending surgery to repair a core muscle injury. On December 28, 2019, against Indiana, he and brothers Justin and Aaron of the Pacers became the first trio of brothers to share an NBA court simultaneously.

Where is JRUE holiday born?

Who is Drew’s wife?

How much does Aaron holiday make?

He was the 319th best-paid NBA player last year. He’s the 10th best-paid player of the Washington Wizards this year.

Salary: $3,980,551.

Season Team Salary
2019/20 Indiana Pacers $2,239,200 ($2,253,659*)
2018/19 Indiana Pacers $1,914,480 ($1,958,606*)
Total $6,499,320 ($6,557,905*)
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