Which NBA player donates the most to charity?

When it comes to charity, and basketball, James most certainly goes hard in the paint.

What NBA player has donated the most to charity?

Here’s the list of some of the most generous NBA players that we know.

  • 1) LeBron James. James started the LeBron James Family Foundation with the mission to minimize the high dropout rates among at-risk youth in Akron, Ohio, James’ hometown. …
  • 2) Kevin Durant. …
  • 3) Stephen Curry. …
  • 4) Isaiah Thomas. …
  • 5) John Wall. …
  • 6) Tobias Harris.

Which athlete gives the most to charity?

The most charitable athlete in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (Football)
  • John Cena (Professional wrestling)
  • Serena Williams (Tennis)
  • Yuna Kim (Figure skating)
  • Neymar Jr. ( Football)
  • LeBron James (Basketball)
  • Heather O’Reilly (Football)
  • Maria Sharapova (Tennis)

How much money do NBA players donate to charity?

Every time a player gets fined by the NBA, half of that money goes to the NBPA Foundation and the other half goes to NBA Cares. With that fine money, the Foundation offers player matching grants for every player, current and former, up to $25,000 a year.

How much money does LeBron James donates to charity?

Overall, Lebron’s Foundation has raised over $40 million for the program. Recently, Lebon teamed with the University of Akron to provide scholarships.

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How much does LeBron donate a year?

While the school is a public school (and thus funded by taxpayers), LeBron’s foundation donates more than $1 million per year to the school, which goes toward teacher salaries and keeping class sizes manageable.

Which NBA players have foundations?

Not all player-run foundations are poorly managed, of course. Former Houston Rockets player Dikembe Mutombo, retired Miami Heat player Alonzo Mourning, Steve Nash of the Phoenix Sun, and Carmelo Anthony of the Denver Nuggets each have created successful foundations with annual budgets of $1 million or more.

Who is the most charitable in the world?

Arfa Javaid

Rank Original Philanthropist Estimated Current Value of Donation
1. Jamsetji Tata 102.4
2. Bill Gates & Melinda French Gates 74.6
3. Henry Wellcome 56.7
4. Howard Hughes 38.6

What is LeBron charity?

James is building a model for advancing education and social assistance in the West Market Street neighborhood, where he was raised. A new school, three residential buildings and a sports-and-entertainment complex represent more than $20 million in investment by the LeBron James Family Foundation and its partners.

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