Where is the office NBA 2K21?

Are there interviews in NBA 2K21?

And yet it’s gone in 2K21. It has been completely stripped out of the game. … As soon as you’re in the NBA there are no further cut scenes, no interviews and no dressing room or pre-game shoot arounds.

Why is NBA 2K21 so bad?

This is because the creators of 2k made it hard for players to shoot with low 3pt ratings so you either made a playmaking 3pt shooter or a big man that cant shoot at all. this made that 2k get boring real fast so that’s why it failed now on to next gen.

How do I get more VC in MyCAREER 2K21?

You can earn easy VC by watching NBA 2KTV and responding to the polls and trivia questions that appear during the show. You’ll see some episodes while the game is loading; otherwise you can browse to the 2KTV section on the main menu and pick an instalment.

What agent is NBA 2K21?

Archie is the right choice if you want to spend your time in the Park, as you will earn fans quicker and keep a lot of your VC. Harper makes more sense if you want to focus on the NBA though.

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Why is VC management closed 2K21?

Answers (1)

VC Management Is only open to pay out endorsement events. … Which means you’re VC management office will only be open on two occasions – after each one of those events.

Can you change agents in 2K21?

NBA 2K21 Career Mode gives the players an ability to choose their agents according to their perks.

Is the bubble in NBA 2K21?

The game’s opening presentation looks exactly like an NBA game would. … It also loads incredibly fast and features an optional rail cam presentation that we saw in the NBA’s Disney World bubble.

Can you get drafted 1st overall in 2K21?

There is absolutely no way to get drafted #1 overall.

What should I say in my 2K21 interview?

The first question is “How do you deal with teammates you don’t like?” and I answered “I want to work out our differences immediately” which also increased my draft stock. The second question will be “Are you the best player in this draft class?” and my answer to this is “Yes. It’s a mentality you have to play with”.

Is nba2k20 better than 2K21?

NBA 2K21 is slightly better than NBA 2K20 in many ways. … I’ve been playing the series since it was just called “NBA 2K” back in 1999 and this is the first time I’ve been able to get a character with sub-85-rated ball handling skills to do what I want them to do.

Why is Charles Barkley not in NBA 2K21?

He said in an interview with Sports Illustrated that the reason why he wasn’t a part of 2K was that they wouldn’t give him any money. He said 2K has made a lot of money and that they as players have not done enough for the NBA’s retired player’s association.

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Will rookies be on NBA 2K21?

NBA 2K21 dropped a big roster update on Thursday, featuring the latest trades and drafted rookies brought into the league during the offseason. … We’ve got the full list of rookies making their virtual debut.

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