Where is Michael Jordan’s house in Charlotte NC?

The home includes six bedrooms and is located on the Peninsula golf course — a luxury country club. The property is 22 miles from the Spectrum Center, where the Hornets play their home games. The home itself is 12,301 square feet, with exterior winding staircases, an outdoor pool, and a private dock with lake access.

Where are Michael Jordan’s NC homes?

Cornelias and Charlotte, North Carolina

Michael owns two homes in North Carolina – a lake house in Cornelias and another property in Charlotte. His lakefront villa was purchased seven years ago for $2.8 million. The home sits on the Peninsula Golf Course, an elite country club in the city of Cornelias.

Does Michael Jordan have a home on Lake Norman?

CORNELIUS – The Lake Norman area has just added a pretty famous resident. Charlotte Bobcats owner and basketball icon Michael Jordan bought a 12,310-square-foot, waterfront home in the Peninsula neighborhood for $2.8 million.

Was that Michael Jordan’s family in Space Jam?

Although Michael Jordan’s real kids were not in the film, their names (Jeffery, Marcus, and Jasmine) were used.

Does Michael Jordan own Michael Jordan Nissan?

For more than a year, the former Ritchie Nissan has been co-owned by Michael Jordan. … The Michael Jordan.

How many cars does Michael Jordan own?

Although many generations have passed, it is near to impossible that no one knows about Michael Jordan. The magic number was 23.

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