When did the NBA become integrated?

On August 5, 1976, the National Basketball Association (NBA) merges with its rival, the American Basketball Association (ABA), and takes on the ABA’s four most successful franchises: the Denver Nuggets, the Indiana Pacers, the New York (later Brooklyn) Nets and the San Antonio Spurs.

When did basketball desegregate?

The Black Fives: A history of the era that led to the NBA’s racial integration. The NBA’s colour barrier was broken in 1950, but the ground work for that monumental moment was laid close to 50 years earlier. In the 1949-50 season, the NBA started its season with a watershed moment – racial integration.

When did basketball become black?

Black basketball players became fairly common considering segregation as soon at 1910. The first NBA players that were African American signed in the 1950-51 season.

What NBA teams no longer exist?

The Packers, Red Skins, and Waterloo Hawks left the NBA for the National Professional Basketball League, and are the only defunct teams to have ceased to exist in a league other than the NBA.

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