What were Michael Jordan’s dreams?

Long before he became a professional All-Star basketball player, Michael Jordan had dreams of winning an Olympic gold medal—and with dedication and perseverance, that’s exactly what he did.

What were Michael Jordan’s goals?

Michael Jordan always stated that his goal was to be the best basketball player to ever play the game. He measured that goal by winning the NBA championship six times, including countless scoring titles and MVP awards.

What was Michael Jordan’s mentality?

Jordan refused to settle for anything less than the best. He used his attitude, determination and faith to develop a work ethic of the highest level. Every part of the game, he wanted to train to perfection, no matter how much time and effort it took.

Was Michael Jordan poor as a kid?

” One thing that Michael wasn`t good at, according to his father, was working. ”Michael is probably the laziest kid I had,” said James Jordan, who grew up the son of a poor farmer and was driving a tractor by the age of 10. ”If he had to get a job in a factory punching a clock, he`d starve to death.

How did Jordan motivate himself?

Every day when Jordan went to practice at UNC, he reminded himself, “You’ve got to be better than Buzz.” Michael tried to do every drill better than Peterson. He aimed to make more shots. He vowed to play better defense. He wanted to be better than Buzz Peterson.

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What made MJ so good?

He wanted to be in the best possible shape he could. He lifted weights, ate right and made sure he was in the best physical condition he could be in. His skill. … So for five hours, five days a week he worked on his skill during the offseason.

Who was Michael Jordan inspired by?

Michael Jordan watched and learned from his basketball hero Walter Davis, who also played collegiately at the University of North Carolina eight years before Jordan. Davis took Jordan under his wing early and then he watched Jordan’s work ethic take over. Jordan’s work habits are what impressed Davis the most.

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