What shoes did Michael Jordan wear during the flu game?

Released in 2016, the Air Jordan 12 Retro in the “Flu Game” colorway was the original model that celebrated Jordan’s legendary performance in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. Battling flu-like symptoms, Jordan still managed to lead the Bulls to a 3-2 series against the Utah Jazz.

What shoes did Michael Jordan wear in his last game?

The Last Shot (Air Jordan 14)

With a sixth championship on the line and the end of the Bulls’ era on the horizon, Jordan decided to play his final game for the franchise wearing shoes which at the time were still not in the market: the Air Jordan 14.

Did Michael Jordan wear new shoes every game?

TIL Michael Jordan wore a brand new pair of shoes every game his entire career because he liked the ‘excited kid’ feeling it gave him & helped him prepare mentally for the game.

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