What NBA team has a red oak floor?

The Celtics are the only team which uses Red Oak instead of Maple for their court.

What happened to Boston Garden floor?

Twice in the past 21 years, the Celtics have replaced the Garden floor, adding shock absorption beneath the surface in hopes of reducing wear and tear on players’ bodies. … The parquet floor is now a symbol of Boston’s success as much as the championship banners that hang above it.

Are NBA Courts real wood?

What kind of wood is used? The standard NBA floor is made from acer saccharum, also known as hard maple. This specific variety is harder than most hardwoods and lighter in color. To turn these trees into a playable surface, the NBA employs three companies, Horner, Robbins, and Connor Sports Flooring.

Why is basketball on wooden floors?

The lightness of the wood helps provide contrast against the ball, making it easier for players to discern its movement. Plus, the lighter color on the floor reflects light better and helps brighten arenas. … Sometimes those differing grades help to create the specific look of an NBA floor.

Does the Boston Garden still exist?

Boston Garden was an arena in Boston, Massachusetts. … Boston Garden was demolished in 1998, three years after the completion of its successor arena, TD Garden.

What does TD stand for in TD Garden?

As the 33rd name to this multi-purpose arena, TD Garden is named after its main sponsor, TD Bank, a subsidiary of Canada’s Toronto-Dominion Bank. Most Bostonian’s refer to it as The Garden or by its former name, the FleetCenter.

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Are NBA courts bounce?

Most basketball players compete on courts made from hardwood, which provides a smooth, unobstructed surface and a consistent bounce. Yet not all basketball courts feature the same playing surface.

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