What is the restricted zone in the NBA?

What is the restricted area? A four-foot arc underneath the basket under which players cannot draw charges. The rule is designed to prevent players from hanging below the rim while offensive players drive to the basket.

What is the restricted circle?

The restricted area in basketball is a semi-circle arc painted just under the basketball goal that outlines the area on the basketball floor where secondary, off-ball defenders are restricted from taking charges.

Can you take a charge inside the restricted area?

This is a legal play. On a block-charge type play, a secondary defensive player cannot be in a legal guarding position, even if stationary, inside the “Restricted Area” if the offensive player receives the ball outside the lower defensive box — unless he jumps vertically in an attempt to defend the shot.

What is the 3 second rule in basketball?

The O3 rule states that an offensive player cannot be in the lane for more than three seconds while his team has control of the ball.

How long can you stand in the paint?

Players are technically allowed to stand in the paint for three seconds while guarding nobody. We explain how that fact has created NBA jargon that teams practice to maximize that time.

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What is the restricted area in women’s basketball?

The restricted area arc is a solid single-colored 2-inch line formed by a semi-circle measured from the center of the basket to the outside edge with a radius of 3-feet and extending in a straight line to the front face of the backboard.

What does the circle on a basketball court mean?

The center circle in basketball is the circle located at the middle of the court, on the midcourt line, and is used to put the ball into play via jump balls. It is also known as the jump circle.

Can you take a charge on a dunk?

Because it’s almost impossible to actually draw a charge on a dunk. First, the fact that a defender can’t draw a charge in the Restricted Area, the roughly four-foot area surrounding the basket, tends to eliminate most possible charges.

How many fouls before a player fouls out?

Each time a player commits a foul, they get another personal foul added to their name. If they reach a certain total during they game they will have “fouled out” and will not be allowed to play any more. It takes five fouls to foul out in college and high school, six fouls in the NBA.

What is the rule of verticality?

The late Dr. Ed Steitz defined verticality as a “player is entitled to jump vertically from a floor position and is legally entitled to occupy that space within the vertical plane”. How many times have you seen a coach stand up with his/her arms raised above their head to.

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