What is the NBA record for blocks in a game?

Elmore Smith has blocked the most shots in a game, with 17 blocks against the Trail Blazers on October 28, 1973.

Who leads the NBA in blocks per game?

NBA Stat Leaders 2020-21

Blocks BLK
1 Myles TurnerIND 3.4
2 Rudy GobertUTAH 2.7
3 Nerlens NoelNY 2.2
4 Clint CapelaATL 2.0

Who has the most blocks in NBA 2021?

2020-21 Regular Season

Rk Player (Team) Blocks
1 Rudy Gobert (Jazz) 190
2 Myles Turner (Pacers) 159
3 Nerlens Noel (Knicks) 141

Who has the most buzzer beaters in NBA history?

In the article, we make a list of 5 players having the most game winning buzzer beaters in NBA history:

  • Dwyane Wade- 5 buzzer beaters.
  • Paul Pierce – 7 buzzer beaters.
  • LeBron James – 7 buzzer beaters.
  • Joe Johnson – 8 buzzer beaters.
  • Kobe Bryant – 8 buzzer beaters.
  • Michael Jordan – 9 buzzer beaters.

Who has the most dunks of all time?

NBA Most Career Slam Dunks

Dunks Height Player
2910 6’11” Dwight Howard
2626 7’1″ Shaquille O’Neal
2237 6’11” DeAndre Jordan
1948 6’8″ LeBron James

Can you get a quintuple double?

While double-doubles and triple-doubles occur regularly each NBA season, only four quadruple-doubles have ever officially been recorded in the NBA, and a quintuple-double has never officially been recorded at the professional, collegiate, or even high school boys’ level.

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How many blocks does LeBron have all time?

LeBron James has blocked 982 shots in his career.

Who average the most blocks?

NBA All-Time Blocks Leaders: Career Per Game Average in the Regular Season – Top 50

Player Blocks
1. Mark Eaton 3.50
2. Manute Bol 3.34
3. Hakeem Olajuwon 3.09
4. David Robinson 2.99
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