What is the most unstoppable shot in NBA history?

Easily the most unstoppable shot in the history of the game. The high arc of the shot combined with Kareem’s 7-foot-2 height and massive wingspan ensured that if he did take the hook and miss, it wouldn’t be blocked (except by Wilt Chamberlain).

What is the greatest shot in NBA history?

The greatest shots in NBA playoff history, ranked

  • 8- Damian Lillard vs. …
  • 7- Magic Johnson’s hook vs. …
  • 6- John Paxson seals Bulls’ 3-peat.
  • 5- Kawhi Leonard vs. 76ers (2019)
  • 4- Kyrie Irving vs. Warriors (2016 Finals)
  • 3- Ray Allen vs. Spurs.
  • 2- Michael Jordan “The Shot” vs. Cavs.
  • 1- MJ’s last shot with the Bulls.

Who had the best fadeaway?

Michael Jordan, of course, has possibly the most iconic fadeaway in NBA history. Dirk Nowitzki’s one -legged fadeaway from the high post is a close second. And third, is Kobe Bryant’s stepback sideline fadeaway jumper.

Who has the most clutch shots in NBA history?

In the article, we make a list of 5 players having the most game winning buzzer beaters in NBA history:

  • Dwyane Wade- 5 buzzer beaters.
  • Paul Pierce – 7 buzzer beaters.
  • LeBron James – 7 buzzer beaters.
  • Joe Johnson – 8 buzzer beaters.
  • Kobe Bryant – 8 buzzer beaters.
  • Michael Jordan – 9 buzzer beaters.

How many game-winning shots did Michael Jordan have?

According to Basketball Reference, Jordan made a total of nine game-winning buzzer-beaters in his Hall of Fame career, which is the most in NBA history.

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Is Kobe clutch stats?

People think Kobe Bryant is clutch based on the perception that he is clutch rather than his actual clutch stats. Despite the popular myth that he is clutch, all the actual evidence says that Kobe isn’t all that clutch. The ball doesn’t lie, and Kobe Bryant apparently can’t put the ball in the net when it counts.

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