What is the deeper meaning of Basketball Rule 2?

Rule #2. -random text from dad. -work smart; live smarter; play hard; practice harder. -Josh wants to practice so badly that he purposely loses wind sprints so he can stay and practice more. -JB, Josh and Dad always practicing at home.

What is the deeper meaning of basketball Rule #1?

Here is Basketball Rule #1: In other words, your family, your team, and the people you care about should always have your heart and your love. This rule, and the others that appear in The Crossover, are rules that the Bell family learns to live by.

What is basketball Rule 3 in the crossover?

“Basketball Rule #3

lower your goals. of life. The sky is your limit, sons. and you will shine.”

How many rules are in the crossover?

-Kwame Alexander’s The Crossover contains ten basketball rules poems that apply to life.

What does it mean to always leave your heart on the court?

One should always leave one’s heart in the court means that one should always put family first, and should always put their heart in the care of family.

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What is the deeper meaning of basketball Rule #7?

Rule #7. –rebounding is the art of anticipating, of always being prepared to grab it. But you can’t drop the ball.

What is a good quote from the crossover?

If you miss enough of life’s free throws, you will pay in the end.” “Always shoot for the sun and you will shine.” “When you stop playing your game you’ve already lost.” “If you miss enough of life’s free throws you will pay in the end.”

What page is free throws on in the crossover?

225–226) • “Where Do We Go from Here?” (pp. 227–229) • “Free Throws” (pp. 234–237) Discuss: When does the idea of “the crossover” move from being a basketball term to becoming the theme of the book?

How are Josh and Jordan different as basketball players?

Two identical twins, Josh and Jordan Bell, both share a love of basketball, but on the inside, they are very different. … For starters, Jordan prefers to shoot from afar, while Josh would rather drive towards the basket and go up for a dunk. Jordan likes North Carolina, but Josh wants to go to Duke.

Who is vondie in the crossover?

One of Josh and JB’s teammates and friends. Like Josh and JB, he’s very interested in talking about basketball, though he’s not as inclined to practice as much; Josh implies that Vondie tries his best to win at wind sprints so that he doesn’t have to practice.

Is Always leave your heart on the court a metaphor?

Poetic Techniques in Basketball Rule #1

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It is an extended metaphor that fuels this poem and gives it meaning. … In this case, the speaker, who is a father, says that “your family is the court” and the basketball is “your heart”.

What is a metaphor for basketball?

Here are a few common metaphors from basketball and hockey. A basketball player can score two points by jumping and smashing the ball through the hoop. This is known as a slam dunk. Metaphorically, a slam dunk is any action that seems to be 100% certain.

When you stop playing your game you’ve already lost meaning?

What does Basketball Rule #5 mean? “When you stop playing your game, you’ve already lost.” Select the BEST meaning. If you pretend to be something you are not, you won’t be successful for long. If your head is not in the game, you are going to lose the game.

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