What is Michael Jordan’s house worth?

Jordan initially listed the 7-acre home in 2012 for a whopping $29 million. But without any offers, the nine-bedroom, 16-bathroom abode is now on the market for $14,855,000. In 2013, one year after the property first hit the market, the price fell to $21 million.

How much did they sell Michael Jordan’s house?

One year after placing the home on the market, Jordan dropped the price to $21 million, then re-listed it again that year for $16 million, before ultimately settling on $14.8 million in 2015.

Can you visit Michael Jordan’s house?

Now, viewers can get up close and personal and find out what it’s like to live like Mike by taking a virtual tour of Jordan’s vast and luxurious 56,000-sq-ft mansion located in Highland Park, Illinois, 25 miles north of downtown Chicago.

What did Michael Jordan’s mansion sell for?

Its selling price went undisclosed, but it was last listed for $7.5 million. Malkin, Jordan’s Chicago-based realtor, did not indicate whether the plan was to further reduce the price of his Highland Park property.

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