What is between the legs dribbling in basketball?

At the same time that you begin to dribble, step with your left foot, moving your leg at a 45 degree angle towards the left sideline—in other words, step in the direction of your left. As your foot is about to touch the floor, guide the ball through the space that you’ve created between your feet.

What is between the legs dribbling?

The Between-The-Legs Dribble

This dribble is a quick way to move the ball from one hand to the other when you are closely guarded or when being overplayed and you want to change dribbling direction. Let’s assume you are dribbling with your right hand and want to change over to your left. Keep your dribble low.

Why do basketball players dribble between their legs?

It probably looks excessively flashy and unnecessary to people who don’t play but it has its purpose: to prevent the ball from being taken. If you go between the legs, you are effectively using your body to shield the ball from the defender. It can also help with deceptiveness and direction change.

Who invented between the legs dribbling?

Oscar Robertson was known to do the move as early as the 1960s as well as Dwayne Washington while playing for Syracuse during the early 1980s, but Tim Hardaway is credited for popularizing the killer crossover in the NBA, while Allen Iverson and Steve Francis popularized the double crossover.

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How high should you dribble the ball?

The ball should be dribbled no higher than your waist, hitting the floor just in front and to the side of your rear foot. The forefinger of your dribbling hand should be pointing in the direction you are facing. Your entire hand should remain in the top half of the ball at all times.

What’s the purpose of dribbling?

In basketball, dribbling is a fundamental skill in which a player uses one hand to continuously bounce the ball on the court. Dribbling helps you control the ball, advance it toward the hoop, and create distance between you and your defender.

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