What happened in the NBA in 2004?

Who won the 2004 NBA?

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Who won 2003 NBA?

Who did Shaq and Kobe lose to in the finals?

The Lakers held home court advantage, and the series was played under a best-of-seven format. Although the Lakers, headed by Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal, were considered the heavy favorites, the Pistons handily won the series in five games.

2004 NBA Finals.

Team Coach Wins
Los Angeles Lakers Phil Jackson 1

Why did the Lakers lose the 2004 NBA Finals?

Former teammate, reportedly: Lakers lost in 2004 because Kobe Bryant wanted to be NBA Finals MVP. Kobe Bryant’s recent comments about Shaquille O’Neal have given us a chance to relitigate their breakup. (They insist they’re not feuding.)

Who was the NBA 2003 MVP?

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