What does DF mean in basketball?

Games (G) The number of game a player has played in. This box must be checked to enter stats for a player.
Deflections (DFL) Deflection of the ball by the defense (other than blocked shots).

What is a DF in basketball?

Df: Defense: The defense ability relates to all aspects of defense and rebounding. A good-defense player will be better at defending passes, defending drives, shot blocking, and rebounding.

What is 3PM NBA?

Basketball Statistics Glossary

Abbrev. Statistic
2P% 2-Point Field Goal Percentage
3PM 3-Point Field Goals Made
3FREQ 3-Point Frequency
A/TO Assist/Turnover Ratio

What does PDT mean in basketball?

Point Differential is the numerical gap between points scored and points allowed.

How is NBA +/- calculated?

+/- – the plus/minus statistic is a measure of the point differential when players are in and out of a game. It is calculated by taking the difference in the score when the player enters the game and subtracting it from the score when the player exits the game.

How many 3s does Steph Curry average a season?

Stephen Curry averaged 2.1 three-pointers per game in his rookie season in 2009-10.

Stephen Curry 2017-18 4.2
Stephen Curry 2018-19 5.1
Stephen Curry 2019-20 2.4
Stephen Curry 2020-21 5.3

WHAT IS A GOOD TO% in basketball?

A good benchmark to shoot for as a team is at least a 2:1 ratio. … If your team is getting twice as many assists as turnovers, they are moving the ball and getting good shots much more than they are throwing the ball away. The top teams and point guards in basketball always accomplish this.

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What is a good per in basketball?

PER largely measures offensive performance.

Reference guide.

All-time great season 35.0+
Weak MVP candidate 25.0–27.5
Definite All-Star 22.5–25.0
Borderline All-Star 20.0–22.5
Second offensive option 18.0–20.0
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