What does 29 5 mean on a basketball?

Is 29.5 a girls basketball?

Women/girls age 12 and up and boys ages 12 to 14 should play with a 28.5” basketball. Baden was actually the first basketball manufacturer to produce a 28.5” ball specifically for women. Baden founders, E.C.

What Size Basketball Should I Buy?

Age and Gender Basketball Size
Men age 15 and up Men’s Official Size 29.5” Size 7

What size is a size 5 basketball?

Basketball Size Chart – Recommended Sizes for Kids & Adults

Size Circumference Weight
Size 7 29.5″ 22 oz
Size 6 28.5″ 20 oz
Size 5 27.5″ 17 oz
Size 4 25.5″ 14 oz

Why does the WNBA use a smaller ball?

The smaller and lighter basketball was introduced to make women’s basketball more interesting to spectators because female players tend to shoot from longer distances more often than men do, and they generally have more accurate control of the ball when shooting (Logan, 1978).

What size basketball should a 6 year old use?

This is the standard youth basketball you find in most stores. Size 4 25.5” 14 oz Boys and girls ages 5-8 years old. Size 3 22” 10 oz Boys and girls ages 4-8 years old. Also known as “mini” basketball.

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