What button do you press to dunk in basketball stars?

Press Z or K to use your special power, the MEGA DUNK!

What button do you press to dunk in basketball legends?

How to Play

  1. Move the mouse to set the direction of ball.
  2. Hold left mouse button to aim.
  3. Release the mouse button to shoot the ball.

How do you block on basketball stars?

Swipe in that direction and try to swipe up to block his shot. Try to confuse your opponent by swiping straight up more than once to block his ball or moving along with him. This will make him difficult to shoot baskets and chances of the ball going through the hoop will be lower.

How do you get lucky ball in basketball stars?

Swipe Fast, Swipe True

That’s just the way it goes. Fortunately, while muscle memory is involved, just like it is in real life, a lot less actual muscle is needed to get the ball in the hoop. In either game mode, the key to shooting is swiping straight and the correct distance for how far away you are from the basket.

How do you get gold fast in basketball stars?

The two easiest ways to get cash is to win it and spin for it. You win a certain amount of cash every time you win a game. Sometimes you can win some gold by banking your shot. The amount you win is determined by the location as well as the amount of cash paid to play.

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Is there a basketball legends 2021?

Basketball legends in 2021 year is among the top 10 of the most popular games in the internet gaming world. As multiplayer, you can play as 2 players with your friend or as 1 player against the computer.

What does Pumping do in basketball stars?

To pump fake you swipe down before swiping up to attempt the shot, tapping either side of your player will make them side step in that direction. Attempting to steal the ball from a defenders perspective you swipe left or right and blocking which will make your player jump is done by swiping up.

What can you buy with cash in basketball stars?

Another use for cash, other than playing games, is purchasing clothing and basketballs to customize your character in basketball stars. There are two main ways that basketball stars players can customize their character.

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