What basketball sneakers are good for flat feet?

Is flat feet bad for basketball?

Footwork and balance are a key part of mastering any sport – whether it’s basketball, tennis, footy or track and field. Having flat feet makes your balance more unstable and therefore more prone to fatigue and lack of power.

Are Lebron shoes good for flat feet?

1. Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV Basketball Shoes. I like the Nike Men’s Lebron Witness IV Basketball Shoes for the ample cushioning, great fit, stability, support, and reliable traction. … These shoes are comfortable for flat feet.

Do basketball shoes have good arch support?

The Sneaker Report recommends the Adidas Crazyquick as the top shoe that supports the arch and keeps the foot low to the ground. It also exercises your arch to strengthen it. A player with high arches is prone to ankle injury and needs a sneaker with support in the midsole and the uppers.

Are Kobes good for flat feet?


The Kobe 8 SYSTEM is a great option for flat footers for a few reasons. First, the Lunarlon midsole will mold to your foot over time while still providing arch support which will offer a custom fit. Second, they are flexible so your foot & arch will build strength.

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Can people with flat feet wear Jordans?

The Nike Air Jordan 1 features the usual leather upper and high ankle support, but there are also lighter versions of it. The shoe’s straight sole over a soft cushioning will do awesome wonders for flat-footed people.

Do flat feet make you slow?

Again, it may not slow you down, but it can lead to strained arches–an injury commonly known as Plantar Fasciitis–and also to shin splints. However, as long as you have no symptoms of injury, you should not worry too much about it.

Can flat feet be corrected?

How are flat feet managed or treated? Many people with flat feet don’t have significant problems or need treatment. Your healthcare provider may recommend nonsurgical treatments if you experience foot pain, stiffness or other issues. Rarely, people need surgery to fix rigid flat feet or problems with bones or tendons.

Is KD flat foot?

I’ve got flat feet. I’ve got all sorts of calluses and corns on my feet,” says Durant, who wears orthotics and two pairs of socks during games in hopes of reducing friction.

Do any basketball players have flat feet?

In fact, there are many flatfooted individuals among the ranks of elite professional athletes, including marathoners and NBA players. For many people, flat arches are asymptomatic.

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