Was the real Jim Carroll in The Basketball Diaries?

Jim Carroll
Years active 1967–2009
Known for The Basketball Diaries

Was Jim Carroll good at basketball?

Jim Carroll, who died Friday at the age of sixty, was many things: a writer, a poet, and a punk rocker (responsible for one particularly poignant, great song). He was also an all-star basketball player throughout grade school and high school, playing at Manhattan’s élite Trinity school.

What killed Jim Carroll?

Is The Basketball Diaries sad?

(end spoiler) “Diaries” is both touching and sad, but more importantly, it’s powerful. Leonardo DiCaprio was perfect as Jim Carroll, if not a little scrawny for a basketball player. … DiCaprio’s wailings and whinings were spot-on, ’cause that is exactly how *I* sound when I cry (and I mean, REALLY cry).

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