Should I hold NBA Top Shot?

Should I hold NBA top shot moments?

To put it simply, the demand for the packs is significantly more than the supply. In order to keep the moments valuable, NBA Top Shot is doing a great job of controlling how available each moment is. After all, a rare moment wouldn’t be very rare if everyone who wanted one could just get it out of a pack.

Is NBA Top Shot secure?

NBA Top Shot is a blockchain-based platform that allows fans to buy, sell and trade numbered versions of specific, officially-licensed video highlights. … Once you purchase a pack, those highlights go into your encrypted, secure highlight wallet to be “showcased” or re-sold on the NBA Top Shot Marketplace.

Can you make money off NBA Top Shot?

The Top Shot market is particularly volatile in response to the performance. So, you can make a quick buck by offloading after or even during a strong performance by a player. Each card has a serial number, and they have proven very important in the value of specific highlights.

Do NBA Top Shot cards actually sell?

More than 800,000 Top Shot accounts have been established, resulting in sales of over $500million. NBA Top Shot has added almost 27,000 users and completed 80,000 purchases in just 24 hours. A single LeBron James highlight sold for a record-breaking $208,000.

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How do you get top shot?

You can either buy singular Top Shots on the secondary marketplace or purchase card packs from NBA Top Shots directly. Currently, all card packs are sold out and often sell out extremely quickly after the release. NBA Top Shot has 2 types of card packs: a base set and a Rising Stars pack.

How much is NBA top shot worth?

23, the combined market cap value of all moments on NBA Top Shot was roughly $1.9 billion—greater than the median value of an NBA franchise, according to Sportico. Dapper Labs, the company that makes Top Shot, recently raised funds at a valuation of $2.6 billion.

How often do NBA Top Shot packs drop?

NBA Playoff Packs Release 2. Every Moment matters. Especially this time of year. And on Friday, you’ll get a chance to own not one, but two Moments from the 2021 postseason.

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