Quick Answer: Why did Iverson leave NBA?

On October 30, 2013, Iverson announced his retirement from basketball, citing he lost his desire to play. … The news conference at which he announced his retirement was attended by former Georgetown coach John Thompson and Sixers great Julius Erving.

What’s wrong with Iverson?

He has also had money troubles.

Not only has Allen’s alleged alcoholism and gambling issues played a role in adding to the negative aspects of his life, but his 2019 divorce settlement resulted in half of his multi-million dollar fortune being awarded to his wife.

How tall was Kobe 15?

How tall was Kobe 15? I would imagine a little under 6 foot tall, like 5′11′’ or 5′10′’. by 14 or 15 years old he prob got his growth spurt and grew like 4, 5 inches. and by 17 or 18 he finally became like 6′5′’, 6′6′’.

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Playing basketball