Quick Answer: Why can’t I drop certain players in fantasy basketball?

“The Undroppable Players List” is a list comprised of the top Fantasy players who can’t be sent to waivers/free agency. Without this feature a team manager who is out of contention could drop a star player for their buddy, who is first on the waiver order, to pick up, therein bolstering their team for the playoffs.

Why can’t I drop certain fantasy players?

Undroppable Players

To promote fair play and prevent actions that compromise the integrity of the fantasy game, NFL.com maintains a list of players that can be benched or traded, but cannot be dropped from any roster. The Undroppable Players list is in the PLAYERS tab and can be disabled for Custom Leagues.

Why are my fantasy players locked?

If you’re wondering why some of your players are locked and others aren’t at the beginning of the week, individual roster slots lock when the team of the player in that slot begins their game. If you left an injured player in that slot, you may be out of luck for this week.

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How do you drop players on ESPN fantasy basketball?

Drop a Player on the ESPN Fantasy App

  1. Go under the “Roster” tab.
  2. Click on a player’s name on your current roster that you wish to drop.
  3. On the player card, click on the big red “Drop” button.
  4. ​It will ask you to confirm.

Can I drop a player who has already played?

Am I allowed to drop a player who already played Thursday night and keep the points from that game? If they were in your starting lineup, no. They must stay on your team, in your starting lineup, until this week is over on Tuesday.

How long are players locked in fantasy football?

Players remain locked on your roster until 6 AM ET the following day. After that, they may be cut or traded in MLB, NBA, and NHL leagues. For NFL leagues, players must stay on your roster until the following Tuesday at 6 AM ET.

How do waivers work NBA fantasy?

Waivers put temporary freezes on unclaimed players, giving everyone a chance to make a claim on them. If multiple claims are filed, the manager with the highest waiver priority gets the player. Unclaimed players not on waivers are Free Agents and anyone can add them without waiting.

How does waiver Order work in fantasy?

Following each week of fantasy play, each team’s waiver position in Standard Leagues is reconfigured according to the team’s position in the standings — the team with the worst record receives the best waiver position (No. 1) and the top team receives the worst waiver position.

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Can you edit fantasy lineup after Thursday?

All roster moves will lock at the first game of the week, even if the first game falls on a Thursday. Once the first game starts for the scoring period, the entire roster is locked for the rest of the period and cannot be changed until the following matchup.

Can you switch players in fantasy football?

Lock times: Most leagues let you switch players around in your starting lineup until their game kicks off. … Since you often have the option to change your lineup up until the last second, don’t get burned with a player who isn’t starting.

How late can I change my fantasy football lineup?

The Lineup Lock Time is when team lineups lock each week. This applies to moving players between active slots, or between active slots and bench slots. NOTE: In League Manager leagues, the League Manager (LM) may change the Lineup Lock Time settings up until one hour prior to the draft.

Which waiver claim goes first?

The most common way (and best way, imo) is that after the draft the waiver order is set as the reverse of the draft order (or possibly random order) and then throughout the season whenever someone uses a waiver pickup they drop to the bottom of the waiver list.

When can you pick up players on ESPN fantasy?

Each week, players may NOT be added or dropped on a team’s roster, or traded, from the beginning of their week’s game until the start of the next scoring period. Starting every Tuesday, the waiver period within your league will then begin and all players are available to be moved, claimed etc.

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