Quick Answer: Who won the 2001 NBA Finals MVP?

Finals MVP
2002 Shaquille O’Neal 2.0
2001 Shaquille O’Neal 2.8
2000 Shaquille O’Neal 3.0

Who won the 2000 2001 NBA Finals?

How did Jerry West win Finals MVP?

Jerry West becomes the first to win the NBA Finals MVP on a losing team as his Lakers fall to the Celtics. … While playing for the Los Angeles Lakers, Jerry West won the award despite losing to the Boston Celtics by 2 points in the deciding game 7.

Who won the NBA in 2000?

Who won 2003 NBA?

Who won the championship in 2001?

Who was the MVP of the NBA in 2002?

Why is Iverson called Bubba Chuck?

Iverson was born in Hampton, Virginia, to a single 15-year-old mother, Ann Iverson, and was given his mother’s maiden name after his father Allen Broughton left her. During his early childhood years in Hampton, Iverson was given the nickname “Bubba Chuck”.

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