Quick Answer: What is the biggest fight in NBA history?

The Associated Press (AP) called it “the most infamous brawl in NBA history.” With the Pacers leading 97–82 and 45.9 seconds left in the game, Pistons center Ben Wallace attempted a layup shot but was fouled from behind by Pacers small forward Ron Artest.

Has there ever been a fight in the NBA?

There have been several notable brawls in the National Basketball Association: The Pacers–Pistons brawl on November 19, 2004. The Knicks–Nuggets brawl on December 16, 2006.

What NBA player fought a fan?

Artest lay down on the scorer’s table and just as things had settled down, a cup hit the Pacers’ forward, sending him into the stands. Teammate Stephen Jackson followed him immediately, igniting a fight with fans.

Who’s the best fighter in the NBA?

Without further ado, the top-ten fights in basketball history.

  1. Larry Johnson (Knicks) vs. Alonzo Mourning (Heat) — (1998)
  2. Bill Laimbeer (Pistons) vs. …
  3. Rick Mahorn (Pistons) vs. …
  4. Larry Bird (Celtics) vs. …
  5. Derek Harper (Knicks) vs. …
  6. Larry Bird (Celtics) vs. …
  7. Ralph Sampson (Rockets) vs. …
  8. Rick Fox (Lakers) vs. …

What sport has most fights?

Ice hockey is the most violent sport. If we are only taking about the main sports we watch one T.V. witch is hockey, baseball, soccer, golf, basketball, ufc/boxing and football then yes for sure hockey is the most violent.

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Why is there violence in sports?

Violence by athletes

Athletes sometimes resort to violence, in hopes of injuring and intimidating opponents. Such incidents may be part of a strategy developed by coaches or players.

Can you foul out on a technical foul?

Both coaches and players can get technical fouls. … Also, if a player or coach receives two technicals during a game, they will be ejected. In college a technical foul counts as a personal foul as well, so it adds into fouling out. In the NBA a technical foul does not count as a personal foul.

How many fouls can you get before you foul out?

In NBA, players are allowed to commit 6 fouls, before being fouled out. Only after the player commits his 6th foul, will he be asked to leave the game.

What did Ron Artest do to a fan?

Sandiford-Artest was the central character in the most infamous brawl in NBA history Seventeen years ago, a fan threw a beer on him at The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit. The 260-pound forward, who then played for the Indiana Pacers, responded by climbing into the stands and punching the fan.

Who won NBA Championship 2004?

Playing basketball