Quick Answer: Do you shoot a basketball with your fingertips?

Do not try to shoot the ball with both hands. … As you release the ball it should roll off your fingertips, producing back spin. Your middle finger usually has the last contact with the ball. Remember to shoot the ball with your fingertips, not the palms of your hand.

What fingers do you shoot a basketball with?

Identify if either your index or middle finger is the last point of contact as you release your shot. This finger should be on the middle “stripe” of the ball. Your goal as a shooter is to get your hand to the middle of the basketball as early as possible so you can push through the center of the ball.

When shooting the ball should be on the fingertips?

First, players must correctly position their hand on the ball; to do this, players should have their shooting hand centered under the ball. When shooting, the index and middle fingers should be the last two fingers to leave the ball; therefore, it makes sense to have these fingers centered.

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How many fingers should you shoot a basketball with?


He explains, “When you release the ball from your shooting hand, your thumb comes in toward your index finger and forces the ball off the index and middle fingers. The last thing that touches the ball on its way to the basket should be your index and middle fingers—100 percent of the time.

What is pushing or thumbing the ball?

The most common shooting flaw with young players is they move their guide hand. In particular, players often flick the ball with their thumb, as shown in the picture. This is also known as “thumbing the ball”. Moving your guide will affect the flight of the ball – causing you to miss left or right.

Does Steph Curry have small hands?

Unfortunately, Stephen Curry’s hands have not been officially measured. However, anyone who has watched Curry play can easily tell his hand size isn’t all that impressive. They seem to be pretty average for his height which means his hand length should be around 8.5 inches and hand span around 9.0 inches.

Should your palm touch the basketball when dribbling?

NO part of the palm should ever touch the ball – and kids have a tendency to slap the ball with the palm of their hands. That disrupts the rhythm of the dribble. And with a good rhythm comes good control. When executed properly, the ball will roll from the pads to the fingers to the ends of the fingertips.

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What do you need in order to dribble shoot and pass a basketball?

Shoot at least 25 shots from four feet and in, without moving. Take your time and slow down each shot. Think about the correct form (ball resting in the hand, non-shooting hand, arm position, etc.)

Which shot in basketball has the highest success rate?

The layup essentially is the highest percentage shot a player can possibly take in basketball, yet it is missed again and again and again.

Do you shoot a basketball with one or two hands?

You will be shooting the ball primarily with one hand. Never shoot an outside shot with two hands. Shooting with one hand is the only way to consistently keep your shot straight. … The ball should be held high, just in front and slightly above your head.

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