Quick Answer: Can fans attend Illinois high school basketball games?

ILLINOIS, USA — More spectators will be able to watch high school sports outdoors in Illinois this spring. … Spectator attendance update from @IDPH for outdoor sports only:#IHSA schools located in Regions in Phase 4 can increase spectators from 50 persons to 20% venue capacity. This change is for outdoor sports only.

Can fans go to high school games?

According to updated guidelines the California Department of Public Health released Tuesday, spectators at youth and high school sports games will be limited to only one adult per player. … On Tuesday, CDPH said cheerleaders, bands, scouts and college recruiters will not be allowed to attend games.

Is Illinois allowing fans?

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — The first spring football game in several years at Illinois will allow a limited number of fans. University athletics administration announced Monday that an additional amount of tickets, after getting approval from the state of Illinois COVID-19 protocols.

Will IHSA allow spectators?

Per IHSA guidelines, schools are allowed to have spectators at competitions. Spectators must wear masks and social distance at all times. In all sports spectators must be kept back from the playing surface to keep distance between the spectators and the participants.

Can fans go to high school football games in Washington State?

A handful of fans get to watch high school football in person. SHORELINE, WA – Some districts are able to squeeze a few fans into stadiums for high school football games, while still following the state’s guidelines. … The state allows 200 people in total inside the stadium for games.

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Can Orange County play sports?

Youth football and other high-contact outdoor sports will be permitted to resume in Orange County beginning Friday, bringing the county in line with recent guidelines released by the California Department of Health, officials said Tuesday.

What phase is Illinois in today?


All sectors of the economy reopen with new health and hygiene practices permanently in place. Large gatherings of all sizes can resume. Public health experts focus on lessons learned and building out the public health infrastructure needed to meet and overcome future challenges.

Are face masks mandatory in Illinois?

CHICAGO (WLS) — Governor JB Pritzker announced Wednesday that face masks are temporarily required for all indoor Illinois High School Association events. The mandate applies to student-athletes, coaches, officials, game personnel and fans regardless of vaccination status.

How many classes are in Illinois high school football?

It is a charter member of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS). The IHSA regulates 14 sports for boys, 15 sports for girls, and eight co-educational non-athletic activities.

State series format.

Sport Football
# of Classes 8
Format 6
Seeding information 6
Playing basketball