Question: Who was the face of the NBA in 2016?

Who were the faces of the NBA?

Since the NBA/ABA merger before the 1976-77 season, the league has had five “faces” of the league. Julius Erving, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and LeBron James have all fulfilled that key role admirably.

Who changed the NBA forever?

And it was a 30-year remarkable journey. The league was not in a good place when it first started, even Magic & Bird’s arrival to the league was not enough. There was a lot of work to get the league off the ground. Games were tape-delayed, Stern came and changed it forever.

Who is the most influential NBA player ever?

10 most Influential Players in NBA History

  • Kareem Abdul-Jabar.
  • Kobe Bryant. …
  • Jerry West. The Logo! …
  • Oscar Robertson. He was the NBA’s most notable triple-double scoring savant in his time. …
  • Allen Iverson. Allen Iverson at the BIG3 – Championship. …
  • Larry Bird. Larry Bird 2018 Basketball Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony. …

Did LeBron change the game?

During his nine-year NBA career split between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat, LeBron James has changed the game of basketball as we know it. … George Mikan’s control of the paint forced the NBA to expand the free-throw lane and to install the three-second violation to somewhat curb his dominance.

Were the 2008 Celtics a super team?

The Celtics appeared in the Finals for the first time since 1987 and second-best 20th time overall. The 2008 Boston Celtics championship team was famously led by the organization’s “Big 3” in Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett, and was the first season the triumvirate played together.

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