Question: Does NBA total points include overtime?

You’re betting on: The team to win, the combined total score of the match to be over the set number & the named player to score over the set number of points. Should the named player not step onto the court at any point in the game all bets will be made void. Overtime does count for all of these markets.

Do total points bets include OT?

Football Rules

Betting on the game period spread, moneyline, or total (over/under) include any overtime scoring. Half-time (2nd Half) betting includes any overtime scores. Fourth Quarter betting does NOT include overtime scores. When betting action points on totals in college football, overtime is NOT included.

Do game totals include overtime?

Overtime is included in all sports I believe except soccer. If extra time, not stoppage time mind you, and penalty kicks are required, the result after the 90 are final.

Does OT count in NBA bets?

Overtime counts for all bets except those relating to halves or quarters, unless otherwise stated. A player must step on court at some point during a match for bets to stand.

Does OT count for second half bets?

Second half wagers include results from overtime.

What is 1st Quarter Moneyline 3 way?

A 3 way bet on the first quarter is a bet on who will win that first quarter, with the tie included. The score at the end of the 1st quarter is used to settle your bet on this market. The moneyline is the simplest betting line in any sport.

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What is 3rd Quarter Moneyline?

3rd Quarter Moneyline Bets – these bets are placed on the team to win the third quarter outright. The bets will be settled at the outright price, and your bet options include home, away, and draw.

Is it better to bet the over or under?

If you take the over, you will be betting that MORE than 41 points will be scored in the game. If you take the under, you will be betting that LESS than 41 points will be scored in the game. Now, it does not matter which team scores the points. … If you bet the over, you are hoping for a high-scoring game.

What happens if the over/under is exact?

What Happens if the Over/Under is Exact? Whether you are betting on NBA over under odds, NHL over under odds, or other sports, and the over/under is exact, you will have your bets refunded to you. … If the final score between these two teams ended on 36 points, neither the over nor the under bet would win.

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