Is slam dunk a good anime?

One of the best sports anime ever. Slam Dunk is a great anime, from passion for basketball, to comedy, to plot, to execution this series has it all. … This series is a must watch for all the sports lovers. Even if u ever hated Basketball this series will make u love it.

Is the Slam Dunk anime good Reddit?

Yeah it’s still holds up quite well, it’s a fantastic sports with a great cast funny moments and intense battles it’s an unfinished adaptation though so be aware of that. Yeah. It’s one of best sport anime ever.

Is Slam Dunk better than Kuroko no basket?

Kuroko’s Basketball is commonly referred to as “the Slam Dunk of this generation”, meaning that it’s the definitive basketball anime for the 2010s. However, if you were to actually compare the two, Kuroko’s Basketball is undoubtedly the better anime.

What kind of anime is Slam Dunk?

Slam Dunk (スラムダンク, Suramu Danku) is a sports-themed manga series written by Takehiko Inoue about a basketball team from Shōhoku High School.

Is Slam Dunk coming back?

Slam Dunk is one of the most important sports manga ever. Slam Dunk is returning in 2022. The legendary basketball anime is back! Slam Dunk will return next fall, with creator Takehiko Inoue not only writing the script, but also directing.

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Is Slam Dunk appropriate for kids?

There is hardly any nudity and no sexual content in this anime, except one small scene where you see Sakuragi’s butt for 1 second, and it was super deformed. The only thing that wouldn’t be suitable for very young children is that there are some fight scenes, which are bloody, and a (very little) bit of language.

The collected volumes of Slam Dunk sold over 100 million copies by 2004, and over 118 million by 2012. The title had more than 121 million copies sold by 2014 and is Shueisha’s fifth best-selling manga series. In 1994, it received the 40th Shogakukan Manga Award for shōnen manga.

Is Haikyuu better than Kuroko?

Unless you are like me who is new to sports. Personally I like Haikyuu! More than KnB. Though I like a character in KnB for a long time (I still do), but story-wise I think Haikyuu is better.

Why was Slam Dunk discontinued?

This series, as some anime are known to do, was cancelled after the initial 100 episodes. Most of the time this happens because the ratings are not that good, or the manga has not been finished at the time. I believe the reason for Slam Dunk not to continue had to do with money issues with its developers …

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