Is Michael Jordan the best shooter of all time?

When talking about the best mid-range shooters in NBA history, names like Kobe Bryant, Dirk Nowitzki, and Kevin Durant come to mind. But perhaps nobody is better in the middle than the GOAT himself, Michael Jordan. He’s not only the most active from that range, but he’s also one of the most efficient.

Is Michael Jordan the best mid range shooter of all time?

No, Michael Jordan was the best scorer of all time based on mostly mid range shots, dunks and layups. The best mid range shooter of all time has to be a really efficient player (MJ was efficient but not the most efficient). That player is Adrian Dantley.

Was Kobe a better shooter than Jordan?

Kobe Bryant is a little more gifted athletically than Michael Jordan was. Kobe is a much better pure shooter. Kobe has risen into Michael’s rare air when it comes to making great late shots. Kobe is a little taller, and just as quick and strong.

Was Kobe a good shooter?

Today Kobe has the reputation of a pure shooter, his lifetime percentage of 84% from the free-throw line clearly shows that he was a quality shooter. But how did Kobe get so good at shooting? Watch this video that explains the evolution of his game and the changes he had to make in order to improve his shot.

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Who is the best dunker in NBA history?

The Top 10 Dunkers In NBA History

  • Zach LaVine.
  • Jason Richardson.
  • LeBron James.
  • Blake Griffin.
  • Shawn Kemp.
  • Dominique Wilkins.
  • Julius Erving.
  • Michael Jordan.

Who is the best mid range shooter in NBA history?

Michael Jordan Is The Best Mid-Range Shooter In NBA History.

Is Klay a better shooter than Steph?

Originally Answered: Who is a better player, Klay or Steph? Klay is a better all around player plus he is taller than Steph . He is a better defender and can guard 1–4 players . Steph is a little better shooter and a much better ball handler though as well as a better passer .

How many 3s has Steph Curry made?

For his career, he has 21 games of 10+ threes. The next closest player is Thompson with five. The seven-time All-Star holds the record for the most triples in a season (402) and has made the second-most in league history (2,779).

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