Is it bad to lift in basketball shoes?

Why do bodybuilders wear basketball shoes?

A basketball shoe provides strong heel and ankle support. It is good for squatting, but it should be flat. This one looks OK for general bodybuilding at least. When you do bodybuilding with the machines or with dumbbells, you do not need the shoe to be as strong as while doing barbell training.

Does lifting in running shoes ruin them?

The extra cushion found in running shoes makes them unstable under heavy loads. When you try to lift in a running shoe, the added load will cause slight shifts side to side, and forward and backwards. That wiggle is essentially an energy leak, as it reduces the amount of force you can put into the ground.

Can I squat in Jordans?

The Jordan 1’s are great shoes overall, but they were intended to be used in a running sport, meaning the sole was designed to absorb shock and impact as opposed to providing direct force transfer. Because of that, these shoes are not the best for squats, although they can certainly be used in a pinch.

Are lifting shoes worth it?

Weightlifting shoes are worth the investment and provide multiple benefits on multiple fronts. If you’re looking to add a few more kilos to your squat or not feel like your shoulders are going to rip out of their sockets in a snatch, weightlifting shoes may be the answer for you.

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