Is fear of God a basketball shoe?

In what might be the wildest season for sneakers in NBA history, the Nike Air Fear of God 1 stands out: a high-fashion luxury performance hoops shoe—designed for sixth men.

Is Fear of God Nike or Jordan?

The Nike Air Fear Of God 1 is a collaboration between Nike and Jerry Lorenzo, founder of menswear brand Fear Of God.

How many pairs of fear God does Nike have?

Only about 100 pairs were made, with almost half of them being gifted to Lorenzo’s Fear of God staff. Only about 50 pairs will be available via the Fear of God Instagram shop on November 19th, 2020 at 3pm EDT.

Is Fear of God still with Nike?

adidas has announced a long-term partnership with Jerry Lorenzo and Fear of God. The move confirms Lorenzo’s departure from Nike, though it’s currently unclear whether Lorenzo’s contract with the Swoosh has expired, or if either side terminated it early.

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